Exceptional service delivered through proactive,
innovative and appropriate legal solutions

Legal Support Services

  • Business administration advice
  • Corporate Governance
  • Forensic Investigation
  • And more...

Human Resources Support Services

  • Labour law compliance checks
  • Employee Guidelines
  • Industrial Relations (IR)
  • And more...

Training and Skills Development Support Services

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Labour Law Compliance workshops
  • Workplace Skill Building & Competency Training
  • And more...

Business Development Support Services

  • Business and Tax Registrations
  • Business Branding and IT support (Logo, Web Designs, Business Profile etc)
  • Bookkeeping Solutions
  • And more...

Construction Support Services

Electronics and Security System Solutions

Cleaning Support Services

General Supply Support Services

About Us

Mosadi Bogale Consulting is a 100% Black Female owned Business Development consultancy with extensive experience in providing premium tailored business development solutions to businesses and organisations in the public and private sector.

As a dynamic and agile business solution consultancy, we provide business, entrepreneurial, training and commercialization support services to SME’s, businesses or organisations in all areas and industries.

Our customised business support services act as a cross functional activity and a tool specifically designed to enhance the survival and success of a business.

More About Us
We devise cost saving and effective legal solutions for our clients.
We design models for our clients in accordance with their business needs and affordability
Our business model is built on values of integrity, professionalism, accountability and trustworthiness
Our small scale clientele allows us to have an eye for detail, accuracy, quality and practicality, guaranteeing a faster turn-around time
We deliver exceptional services that are aimed at always exceeding client expectations through proactive, innovative and appropriate legal solutions

Mosadi Bogale Consulting meets the needs of its clients quickly, professionally and affordably.

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