About us


Meeting our clients’ legal needs Quickly, Professionally and Affordably

Mosadi Bogale Consulting is a 100% Black Female owned Business Development consultancy with extensive experience in providing premium tailored business development solutions to businesses and organisations in the public and private sector.

As a dynamic and agile business solution consultancy, we provide business, entrepreneurial, training and commercialization support services to SME’s, businesses or organisations in all areas and industries.

Our structure consists of a highly flexible combination of business support services designed to nurture new and small businesses through business incubation models that include pre-incubation, incubation and post-incubation stage.

Our customised business support services act as a cross functional activity and a tool specifically designed to enhance the survival and success of a business.

We maintain expert knowledge on relevant legislation, business development solutions and industry best practices which enables us to proactively identify, assess and manage business challenges or risks.

Our commitment to our clients’ matters allow us to build solid and long term relationships with our clients and to achieve consistent and significant success in a variety of areas. All the above is done in a backdrop of our understanding of the commercial fraternity and business acumen built on values of integrity, professionalism, accountability and trustworthiness.

Our Team

Dimakatso Munthali

Co-Founder and Director

+27 (0) 83 795 9728

Dimakatso Munthali is the Founder and Managing Director of Mosadi Bogale Consulting. She obtained her Bachelor of Laws from the University of the Witwatersrand. She also holds a Masters in Commercial Law from the University of Johannesburg. She is admitted and enrolled as an Attorney of the High Court of South Africa. She has extensive experience in Corporate and Commercial Law, HealthCare Law, Labour Law and Public Law. Dimakatso also focuses on developing customised solutions for various businesses, sectors and industries.

Margaret Monyela

Co-Founder and Managing Director

+27 (0) 76 473 8008

Margaret Monyela is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Mosadi Bogale Consulting. She has extensive experience in the Banking and Finance Industry which entailed handling complex corporate matters as well as servicing the public and private financial sector. Through various esteemed posts she held, she has obtained extensive experience, skills and knowledge in the Construction and Security Sector. Margaret holds a certificate in Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services. Margaret has over seven years’ experience in Skills Development & Training and has successfully project managed several projects in both the private and public sector.


We use an on-demand lean model, whereby clients are only charged for the work done which enables us to offer professional and cost effective legal services. We work closely with law firms to provide niche expertise on certain matters, allowing them to co-manage a specific matter when additional capacity and expertise is required.

We are driven by the desire to deliver work of the highest quality to a client by whatever means necessary.

The greatest benefit for our clients, apart from the financial savings, is the attentiveness they receive from our team. Due to our small scale clientele, we are able to have an eye for detail, accuracy, quality and practicality. This guarantees a faster turn-around time at a quality that the clients are familiar with.


Commitment and Accountability to our clients

  • We are committed towards providing the highest standard of legal services to our clients.
  • We are caring and understanding in managing our relationships with our client. We understand and anticipate our clients’ needs, requirements and business and help them to develop and succeed.
  • We foster our relationship with our clients based on trust, mutual respect and integrity.
  • We make working with our clients an enjoyable experience.
  • We account for every step taken in relation to our clients’ matters.

Excellence in everything we embark on

  • We always strive to excel in everything; enabling, our clients and business associates to achieve their maximum potential.
  • We encourage everyone to strive to go further.
  • We ensure that the work we do and our services are consistently of the highest standard.
  • We are open to constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement.

Working together as a family

  • We treat everyone who works with us like our family - with courtesy and respect.
  • We care about our people’s well-being and welfare; create a friendly and joyful working environment and instil in everyone a strong sense of belonging.
  • We promote team spirit and help to support each other and take pride in each others success.

Innovative and creative

  • We are innovative and creative in devising cost saving and effective legal solutions for our clients.
  • We are proactive; anticipating our clients’ needs and providing solutions which are timely, clear and pragmatic.
  • We embrace new information and communication technology to ensure the fullest optimisation of our resources.


Given the history of our country that created unfavourable socio-economic conditions for the majority, our company has made a conscious decision to positively contribute to society. Our aim is to contribute to individual and community upliftment by harnessing skills, knowledge and passions. Our social responsibility initiatives aim to support child/youth and women empowerment programmes.

As part of our company’ social investment, we intend to embark on and support numerous community activities, including but not limited to:

  • Empowerment of children, youth and women
  • After school programmes and feeding schemes for the poor and disadvantaged children
  • Rendering pro bono legal services in matters of public significance, with special reference to the rights of children and women.