Our model

We offer the Retainer Model to clients who engage in frequent and regular business endeavours as they are constantly grappling with a range of legal requirements under varying laws, from employment laws, legal compliance to data protection and corporate governance. In this regard, a monthly retainer can be arranged between a client and Mosadi Bogale Consulting. Any legal fees that are incurred during the month are paid through this affordable monthly fee, which shall at all times remain standard, unless agreed otherwise by the parties. We offer two categories of Retainers:

1. Workplace Legal Retainer

Labour laws form the crucial part of any successful business. It creates a peaceful relationship between employers, employees and the business. With good working conditions, governance, policies and procedures employees become more productive and efficient in their endeavour to achieve company goals.

For your business to thrive, it requires all labour related documentation to be clear, understandable, uniform, public, up to date, and above all, appropriate for your business. We can work with you to craft and review your employment contracts and other documentation to ensure it is clear, protects your business and reduces the risk of dispute. We can also provide skills development and training to complement your contracts and policies.

2. Legal Retainer

The Legal Retainer allows us to model our clients’ legal needs in accordance with their business needs and affordability. We get to know your business and develop a strong legal framework to protect your specific business interests and help improve your company’s operations. We are committed to working with you like a partner in business, assisting as much as possible to avoid any potential roadblocks so that you as the client can reach your business goals. It also means your business will always be compliant with any changes to legislation over time, and that your attorneys can continuously work to find the best legal solutions to any problems your business may face.

The following are the advantages of a Retainer Model:

  • it is more cost effective than standard legal rates
  • helps you to reduce any business and legal related risks
  • by working closely with you, we get to understand your business model, and as such, we are able to model appropriate legal solutions for your business, making us experts in your Business
  • you have legal assistance any time at your finger tips, and
  • we develop a long-term relationship with you.

Mosadi Bogale Consulting meets the needs of its clients quickly, professionally and affordably.

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