Fundamental to any successful business is a strong foundation. Mosadi Bogale Consulting is able to assist your business from inception throughout its term, including its closure.

Mosadi Bogale Consulting is a corporate and commercial legal consulting that is dedicated to protecting, enforcing and commercialising your brand, assets, products, services and creating the most effective legal framework for your business to penetrate the marketplace.

Mosadi Bogale Consulting respects and applauds the entrepreneurial spirit. Our core vision, is to uplift, empower and develop entrepreneurs through training, development and providing cost-friendly legal professional services. To that end, Mosadi Bogale Consulting has curated the following specific legal packages that enable entrepreneurs and businesses to obtain key legal protection without jeopardising their budget:

1. New Businesses: Start-up Legal Packages

This package is perfectly customised for businesses that have not yet been registered.

2. Small Businesses: Enhanced Start-Up Package

This package is suitable for businesses considered as SMMEs or businesses that are already registered however limited in size and in revenue.

3. Maturity Level

This is for businesses that anticipate or are in the process of growing and expanding either through partnerships or service delivery and require certain legal measures in place to facilitate the business growth.

Mosadi Bogale Consulting meets the needs of its clients quickly, professionally and affordably.

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